Bacopa monier – (Latin Bacopa monnieri), or Brahmi – a perennial herbaceous creeping plant, a species of the genus Bacopa (Bacopa) of the family Plantain (Plantaginaceae). The species is named after the French botanist Louis Guillaume Lemonier.

Stem creeping up to 60 cm long.

Leaves sessile, almost succulent, opposite, 7-20 mm long, scapular with an obscure-edged margin.

Five-membered flowers, bell-shaped, single in leaf axils.

The fruit is a box.

In medicine, the whole plant that contains alkaloids is used: brahmin, herpestine; saponins.

Bacopa Monier is a medicinal plant used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve memory or as a means of enhancing brain activity.

Widely distributed mainly in tropical and partially subtropical countries.

In traditional medicine, saponins and bacosides derived from bacopa are used to restore cognitive activity in memory disorders (Alzheimer’s disease) and in the treatment of distracted attention.

Bacopa Monier extract fights cognitive impairment by increasing choline acetylase activity, releasing acetylcholine and binding to the muscarinic cholinergic receptor.

There is evidence in the literature that when taking 165 milligrams of bacopa twice a day for 14 weeks, attention is increased in hyperactive children, when taking 300 milligrams of bacopa Monnier per day in adults, memory improves and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease decreases.

It is used in Asian medicine, in America, as well as in Western European medicine as a cardiotonic, antiarrhythmic, diuretic and laxative.

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