Spreading Berkhavia – Boerhávia diffúsa L. = Boerhávia récens L .; (lat. diffusus, a, um – sprawling from diffundere – pour, spread; lat. recens – fresh). Creeping perennial grass from the Niktaginovy ​​family (Nyctaginaceae); opposite leaves in uneven pairs; reddish-pink flowers.

Distributed in Southeast Asia, India, parts of Africa and Australia often as a weed. Cultivated in India.

Active ingredients: the roots of Berkhavia sprawling contain alkaloids, seeds – fatty acids, allantoin. The roots of the grass contain rotenoins, boerovinones A1, B1, C2, D, E, F, boerkhavin. The plant is a source of phytoecdysones.

Spreading Berkhavia is used in official medicine in several Asian countries. Approved for use in the USA, UK. Spreading Berkhavia is used in the treatment of jaundice.

The roots are used as diuretic, milk-producing, expectorant, gastric, in large doses – emetic.

Seeds have a tonic and carminative effect, the leaves have an appetizing effect.

Spreading Berhavia in India is used to treat jaundice, general fever and obesity. It removes all types of edema, cleanses the blood, stops bleeding. It is a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. Reduces blood sugar, is a cardiotonic.

Due to the high content of calcium and alkaloid salts, punarnava has a diuretic effect, enhances hemoglobin synthesis and eliminates stagnation in the liver. Catechins strengthen vascular endothelium.

Punarnava powder is used for rheumatism. It relieves swelling of the joints caused by inflammation in arthritis. It has anti-inflammatory activity. It is used to relieve neurotic syndrome, as has increased hormonal activity. Relieves allergic edema, including heavy. It helps to remove the mucous mass from the bronchi, therefore, it is effective against asthma. Plant roots are useful against worms. Spreading Berhavia is one of the best herbs for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Spreading Berkhavia has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, blood-purifying, analgesic, astringent, hemostatic, diuretic, carminative, expectorant properties.

The medicinal properties of Berkhavia spreading are used in the following cases:

  • as a powerful decongestant;
  • as a tonic for the kidneys, to normalize the activity of the kidneys;
  • with kidney diseases, with jade, cystitis, stones and sand in the kidneys;
  • with rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation and swelling of the joints;
  • as a diuretic;
  • as a choleretic agent;
  • as a blood purifier;
  • as a hemostatic agent;
  • with neurotic syndrome;
  • like a tonic for the heart;
  • to normalize cholesterol;
  • as a means of slightly increasing pressure;
  • with hemorrhoids as a hemostatic agent;
  • with asthma and cough as an expectorant;
  • with diabetes to lower sugar levels;
  • with allergies as decongestant;
  • as a tonic for the liver, a means to eliminate toxins, treats liver diseases, hepatitis;
  • as a lactogonoid;
  • to strengthen the body’s immunity, as an antioxidant;
  • to improve appetite and digestion;
  • as a means of removing toxins and unprocessed foods from the body;
  • as a laxative for constipation;
  • to relieve stomach pain, with flatulence;
  • as a tonic for the male reproductive system, aphrodisiac, increases potency and improves seed quality;
  • with menorrhagia – increased and prolonged menstrual bleeding;
  • for the treatment of skin diseases, an effective remedy for scabies;
  • with anemia.

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