Etiology of health

There is a “safe” level of health – when it is almost impossible to get sick, in which a person not only feels healthy, but also has a certain “safety margin” that provides her with the best conditions for survival. This is called a Non-Specific Increased Resistance State (SNPO). It was determined in the middle of the twentieth century together with students by the Soviet pharmacologist and toxicologist M. Lazarev. By this time, doctors determined only three states of the patients: healthy – pre-illness (the onset of pathological changes, which is still compensated by the body) – the disease.

In the fourth state of “HEALTH”, the body is maximally protected from physical, mental, chemical and biological damage. It is characterized by minimizing inflammation during infection, prevents damage to the heart, kidneys, liver and other organs that occur under the influence of pathogenic factors. Being in this state, a person is not so much dependent on the possibilities, mistakes and vagaries of medicine. He just doesn’t need her.

How to make a safe level of health the norm?

The condition of nonspecific increased resistance is incorporated in the body genetically, but it is not given to it automatically, for free, it must be earned, it must be created.

M. Lazarev wrote that this state can be achieved in two ways (and it is better to combine them):

  1. By more or less prolonged accustoming of an organism to the action of harmful agents – various health procedures, physical training, hardening;
  2. Much faster – through the use of adaptogens, and the most effective were adaptogens of natural origin, to which, in fact, all medicinal plants belong.

Phytoadaptogens act in a complex way: they show a stimulating and tonic effect in the central way, and by immunomodulatory effects on peripheral tissue receptors.

The overall effect of adaptogens is observed as:

  • increase mental and physical performance
  • increased stamina (economizing resource costs)
  • Stress resistance (regulation of the course of stress reactions)

Phytoadaptogens prevent the development of many diseases, including especially severe oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Adaptogens-Oncoprotectors are effective in preventing the appearance of tumors, as well as in increasing the selectivity of cytostatic therapy and preventing the metastasis of malignant tumors.

Almost every product from the AMMA Phytocomplexes series contains phytoadaptogens such as Terminalalia khebula, Terminalalia belerica, Tinospore hearty, Phyllanthus emblica, Asparagus racemata, Licorice naked and others.

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