Goal –

Responsible business for a healthy society. Production of phyto complex from the extract of medicinal plants

Basic concept –

Ayurveda is a modern comprehensive health care system. Ayurvedic healthcare system is based on scientific knowledge and experience.

The idea –

The experience of our ancestors and the use of natural resources to create a real high-quality product.

We are confident –

That all knowledge and experience, regardless of their origin, and form should be used to improve the health of thr society.

Amma Life SciencesOur products are unique

It is designed keeping in mind the modern lifestyle, diet and ecology. When knowledge and science work in rhythm with nature and modern innovative technologies are used to make products, as a result we get natural, safe and effective phytocomplexes of a new generation.

We sincerely wish you good health!

4Four-level quality control
0Toxic elements and GMOs
100Made from pure plant extract
51Over 50 certified products
0Chemicals and Preservatives
11Formulas developed in collaboration with highly qualified and experienced doctors
100Traditional formulas

Что мы делаем?

Мы занимаемся исследованиями и разработкой различных травяных комплексов. Являемся производителями фитокомплексов для людей и животных.

О нас

Что мы предлагаем?

Мы предлагаем более 50 различных сертифицированных, качественных и эффективных продуктов для людей и животных, вся продукция производятся из целебных лекарственных трав, без использования каких-либо консервантов и химикатов.

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У врача есть три способа в борьбе с болезнью

слово, растение, нож.

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