Amma Life Sciences 

  • Research, development, production

  • 50+ Phytocomplexes based on extracts of medicinal plants for people, pets, livestock and poultry.

Main idea

  • When knowledge and science work in rhythm with nature and modern innovative technologies are used to manufacture products, as a result we get natural, safe and effective phytocomplexes of a new generation.

Our products are unique

  • Designed considering the modern lifestyle, diet and ecology 
  • Scientific and industrial research is carried out jointly with doctors and specialists of our company, the Gujarat Ayurvedic University (India), the Scientific Center for Preventive Toxicology of Food and Chemical Safety named after academician L.I. Medvedya (Ukraine), National University of Bioresources and Nature Management (Ukraine), Ternopil Scientific and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Ukraine)
  • Four-level quality control
  • Scientifically based, balanced ingredients
  • Produced from pure herbal extracts of medicinal plants
  • Non-toxic (does not contain heavy elements, preservatives, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, chemical additives, preservatives, etc.)
  • Scientifically proven effectiveness of active ingredients
  • A wide range of therapeutic actions
  • No side effects
  • Ease of use – only one capsule per day
  • Manufactured on modern equipment in accordance with international standards.

Products for people

Products for animals

51Over 50 certified products
11Formulas developed in collaboration with highly qualified and experienced doctors
0Toxic Elements, GMOs, Chemicals and Preservatives
4Four-level quality control
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