Pterocarpus sacciform, or Pterocarpus marsupial (lat. Pterocárpus marsupium) – a large deciduous tree up to 30 m tall, a species of the genus Pterocarpus (Pterocarpus) of the Legume family.

The sapwood is yellowish-white, clearly distinguished from the core of gold or golden brown, often with darker touches. In the tangential sections, streaming patterns are visible, thin wavy strips of parenchyma connecting the vessels are noticeable. The vessels are large, often filled with dark gum. The wood is very compact in structure, hard and heavy, with a density in the dry state of an average of 800 kg / m3.

Widely distributed in central and southern parts of India and in Sri Lanka.

The plant serves as a source of oily gum, from which the malabar cinema (Kino malabaricum), which is used in medicine, is produced.

The wood, leaves and flowers of Pterocarpus saciform have been used for a long time in ancient Indian folk medicine. Wood has been used as an astringent in the treatment of inflammatory processes and diabetes. Indian tribes in Orissa used crushed wood of Pterocarpus mixed with the bark of Indian mango (Mangifera indica), Sala (Shorea robusta) and Mombina (Spondias pinnata) to treat certain types of dysentery.

Pterocarpus sacciform has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, wound healing, tonic, anthelmintic, carminative properties.

The healing properties of Pterocarpus saciform:

  • in the treatment of inflammatory processes;
  • removes toxins from the body;
  • with dysentery;
  • to lower cholesterol;
  • with toothache;
  • with diarrhea;
  • when coughing;
  • with diabetes.

It was found that a wood solution reduces the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract and regulates the content of insulin and pro-insulin. It promotes beta cell regeneration, has a hypocholesterolemic effect.

It is used for all types of diabetes as part of complex therapy. It is also recommended for people with excessive consumption of sugary, floury or high-carb diets (people with intense physical labor) as a universal prophylactic that supports pancreatic function.

Pterocarpus sapiform is popularly known as plant-based insulin.

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