Cucubha, Arjuna, Terminalia arjuna (lat. Terminalia arjuna) – one of the species of Terminalia, a genus of large trees of the family of flowering plants Combretaceae.

In the wild, Terminalia arjuna is found in the Indian subcontinent south of the Himalayas, from the borders with Pakistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east, and also grows in Sri Lanka. The most common Arguna terminal is Bengal and central India.

Arjuna – a tree reaching a height of 20-25 m, with a thick, light gray bark that secrete milky sap. Terminalia arjuna blooms depending on the region in March-June or in August-September, and bears fruit in September or in November-December.

The fruit is ligneous, 2.5-5 cm long.

Leaves are pale green.

Arjuna is widely used in folk medicine, mentioned in Ayurveda: “We found a plant that works such miracles that it is hard to imagine that it exists in reality.”

For medical purposes, use bark, leaves and fruits.

The bark contains tannins, saponins, flavanoids, acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper. Leaves have a tonic effect.

Arjuna has tonic, astringent, wound healing, antiseptic, cooling properties.

Kukubha – a natural tonic, is disintegrated, balances the whole organism and its vital functions. In addition, it is one of the main cardiotonics in Ayurveda.

The healing properties of Arjuna Terminalia:

  • as cardiotonic (Tree bark has an anti-ischemic and cardioprotective protective effect and is used in the treatment of coronary heart disease, heart failure, heart valve valvular anomalies, normalizes heart rhythm and strengthens the heart muscle. Clinical studies have shown that in 40% of cases of arrhythmic heart disease arjuna was very effective );
  • with hypertension, to normalize the pressure;
  • with cirrhosis of the liver;
  • with chronic bronchitis accompanying heart disease, tones the lungs;
  • to lower cholesterol;
  • to improve blood circulation;
  • with stress, nervousness and anxiety, fatigue, insomnia;
  • to enhance immunity, gives an influx of energy;
  • for tissue healing, stops bleeding;
  • with headaches, improves memory and concentration;
  • as an aphrodisiac, increases libido and potency.

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